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Shenzhen Rongzhongxing Printing Machine Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Zhongxing Machine Co., Ltd. is the original owner of ZXPM brand.We have more than 20 years experience in manufacturing special printing equipment. There are 5 senior technical engineers, 20 managers and professional quality assurance and control system. ZXPM Brand printing machine enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Adopting Japanese technology, professional manufacturing and production of transfer printing machines, screen printers, bronzing machines, heat transfer machines, screen pullers, UV curing machines, plate dryers and other automated printing machinery and equipment, our company integrates R&D, manufacturing, production and sales, fully uses Japanese (SMC) precision pneumatic components, with the processing of computer numerical control machine tools. Parts, and has a number of decades of experience in design, manufacturing and sales management team, products are exported to overseas and domestic markets. And by domestic and foreign customers praise! Zhongxing Printing Equipment upholds the strategy of continuous progress, development, innovation and diversification in the manufacturing industry of special printing machinery and equipment. It can also design and manufacture special printing machinery and peripheral equipment according to the special requirements of customers. In order to facilitate customers to solve technical problems in the use of products. The company has a group of professional and high-quality, high-skilled, efficient production and after-sales service team, and can provide technical advice and help customers solve technical problems in production at any time. Company management strategy and quality policy: “Quality is the best, price is the best and affordable” after-sales service fast and quasi-quality goal: “thousands of units per year, to achieve the quality of the products manufactured 99%. Internal process quality defects are controlled within 0.05%. We try our best to “work together with customers to achieve win-win development”.

About Us

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