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  • 2 color pad printer with shuttle
2 color pad printer with shuttle

2 color pad printer with shuttle

Product:ZX-S2S 2 color tampography printing machine
Model:ZX-S2S (open inkwell system)
Standard printing plate size:10*100*150mm
Printing speed:1600 times/hr
Air pressure:5-7 bar
N.W:130 kgs
Machine dimension:L75*W66*H135cm
Packing:wooden case

The difference between DX-P1 and DX-S1.     There is an additional hand lift on right side of DX-S1.It's designed for conveniently change printing plate and doctor blade.

DX-S12H 1 color electric clock logo pad printing machine

it's specially designed to bring convenience for changing doctor blade and printing plate.When you pull back the hand lift,the upper part of printing machine will be up a little.

What's pad printing?
Pad printing is one of the special printing methods. It can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregularly shaped objects, and it is now becoming an important special printing. For example, the text and patterns on the surface of mobile phones use this printing method, as well as the surface printing of many electronic products such as computer keyboards, instruments, meters, etc., all by pad printing.

Pad printing supplies:
-Pad printing plate
-Silicone pad
-Doctor blade
-Disposal open ink well
-Pad printing ink
-Ink solvent
Pad printing samples:
toy pad printingLEGO toy pad printingLEGO toy pad printingpvc toy pad printingtoy pad printing

Pad printing procedure:

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